These 40 beautifully designed growth mindset cards cards can be used by therapists, psychologists, teachers, and parents or carers and will help to facilitate and promote a conversation around the concept of a growth mindset .


So what does it mean to have a growth mindset? And what is a growth vs fixed mindset? According to Growth Mindset theorist Dr Carol Dweck a person with a fixed mindset has a belief that intelligence is static and cannot be changed. In contrast to this, those with a growth mindset believe that intelligence can be developed via hard work, practice, perseverance and effort.

What is the importance of having a growth mindset for students? According to research, children who employ a growth mindset are more resilient, have better psychological health, higher self-esteem, and have higher achievement levels when compared to those children with a more fixed mindset.


Through the use of these growth mindset cards  children will gain insight and understanding into the areas where they may have developed potentially fixed mindset tendencies. Using these growth mindset cards over time will assist with promoting a growth mindset in children, helping them to reach their full potential. The age range is 4 to 12 years. We are located in Brisbane, Australia. Retail Price: $49.95, 

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Growth Mindset Cards

Frankie Fox

This is Frankie Fox!

Frankie's motto is "My brain is like a muscle; it gets stronger when I learn".

Frankie enjoys learning the piano, playing tennis and yoga!

Growth Mindset Cards

Romilda Rabbit

This is Romi Rabbit!

Romi's motto is "Practice makes progress!".

Romi enjoys practicing soccer and photography!

Growth Mindset Cards

Remi Raccoon

This is Remi Raccoon!

Remi's motto is "Learning new things is fun".

Remi enjoys learning ballet, karate, and playing the trumpet!

Growth Mindset Cards

Benjamin Bear

This is Benjamin Bear!

Benjamin's motto is "It's o.k. to make a mistake!".

Benjamin enjoys riding his bike, basketball, and trying to bake a cake!

Growth Mindset Cards

Sammy Squirrel

This is Sammy Squirrel!

Sammy's motto is 'When we persevere we improve!' Sammy enjoys jigsaw puzzles, singing and rock-climbing!

Growth Mindset Cards
Growth Mindset Cards
Growth Mindset Cards
Growth Mindset Cards

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